ArtHinkov | Fragile Nature
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Fragile Nature

The Fragile Nature collection interprets the reciprocity and interaction between man and nature. Man’s activity leaves deep scars on the Earth face, these scars can be seen on the paintings. Some of the painting are vivid, colorful showing virgin nature and its beauty. Then immediately on the next painting this beauty is vanished and deleted. The landscapes have lost their uniqueness, their colours and life. The tones are black and white, monochromatic – the impact, the result of the human uncontrolled activity is shown. Playing with the metal surface on some of the paintings Dimitar emphasizes on this impact. The metal has a dual role – it is an industrial material but here the metal is an ambassador showing the injuries industry does. Besides, it reflects like a mirror the audience standing in front of the painting and provokes each one of us to realize its role in injuring nature.