ArtHinkov | Beyond The Wall
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Beyond The Wall

The works are inspired by the Berlin Wall and its symbol of separation and alliance. The main idea is to show the differences between two worlds and at the same time their close resemblance. The two worlds in global aspect- communism versus capitalism, east versus west and in personal aspect – our inner world versus our outer image. One and the same face on the both sides of the wall – chromaticity, freedom, joy, beauty of the life versus monochromaticity, restrictedness, sorrow, depression.


Dimitar explores his own memories and identity, discussing themes like confrontation between West and East, Past and Present. Paintings are mixed technique on canvas and metal. The metal surface on some of the painting is interpreted and scratched to emphasize on the scarfs that time makes on our lives. Standing in front of the metal painting the audience can see themselves as in the mirror – their own faces are reflected on the metal, their own scars resembles the scars on the painting.